Top Ten Phobias of Eleven (Stranger Things)

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Ah, Eleven. The psychokinetic badass from the Netflix hit series Stranger Things. At the end of Season 1, we were relieved – but not surprised – to find out she’d survived the battle against the Demogorgon from the Upside Down. Her entire life has been a series of horrible government experiments that would leave most of us prattling aimlessly in a corner for the rest of our lives, but not El. Despite her fears, she overcomes all odds and fights to save her friends.

Ablutophobia | Fear of Washing or Bathing – Subjected to a series of experiments in a sensory deprivation chamber where she literally contacts another dimension, you couldn’t blame her for being afraid to do something as simple as taking a bath.

Mnemophobia | Fear of Memories – Seriously, this poor girl. Does she have any good memories before she escapes? It’s no wonder she has so many horrible flashbacks.

Pagophobia | Fear of Ice or Frost – Freezer frosted Eggos are the worst.

Laliokalophobia | Fear of Speaking or Talking – When your sole purpose is to serve as an MKUltra experiment for the first twelve years of your life, you don’t get much of a say in, well… anything. Eleven speaks, in short, quipped sentences but starts asserting herself and overcoming this fear.

Xanthophobia | Fear of the Color Yellow – When El first sees the Demogorgon, it’s eating one of many web-covered yellow eggs that are scattered around the upside-down. It’s a pretty disgusting image that’ll probably stick with her for a while.

Epistaxiophobia | Fear of Nosebleeds – When Eleven gets a nosebleed, you know she’s pushing herself too hard because there’s no other choice. She has to be afraid of what kind of effect that’s going to have on her later in life.

Claustrophobia | Fear of Being Enclosed in a Small Space or Room – When El goes against Dr. Brenner’s orders, he punishes her by locking her in a small room. What the hell, man? You’re her frigging father figure! So not cool.

Xyrophobia | Fear of Razors – Because seriously, you’re already using her as a government experiment, but you also have to shave all her hair off? We get that it makes it easier to monitor her brain activity, but between having to wear a hospital gown and having virtually no hair, that poor girl must be cold all the time.

Nyctohylophobia | Fear of Dark, Wooded Areas or Forests at Night – El’s been imprisoned in a secret government lab her whole life, and her first real glimpse at a world outside of that, is the Upside Down. This dark and creepy dimension, inhabited only by a monster, led to her developing nyctohylophobia. I’m crying for her. All of this is just not right. How can I bare another season of her torture?

Scelerophibia | Fear of Bad Men, Burglars – This phobia was pretty much designed for El. The “bad men” are after her, and they want to take her back to the laboratory. Thankfully, El, because she’s way cooler than us, is always one step ahead of them. In the end, we know she’ll always have the upper hand……. or do we? I better take an Ativan now.

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