Top Ten Phobias of Frankenstein’s Monster

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Frankenstein’s Monster has been a cultural icon for two centuries, and writers and directors have made dozens of adaptations of Mary Shelley’s original story. Whether you prefer the pale emo version or Boris Karloff with bolts in his neck, something about the Monster’s intrinsically human nature continues to captivate us. His phobias are part of what make him seem so human.

Caligynephobia | Fear of Beautiful Women – The Monster envies Victor’s love for Elizabeth, and honestly, it sometimes seems like some creepy Edward Cullen bullshit. When Frankenstein refuses to make a bride for the Monster, he makes the very rational decision to strangle Elizabeth to death. He’s definitely got some issues going on here.

Gamophobia | Fear of Marriage or Relationship – This is a direct follow-up to the Monster’s Caligynephobia. He fears marriage – and any type of relationship, really – once he realizes Frankenstein won’t make good on his promise to create a bride for him.

Peccatophobia | Fear of Sinning or Wrongdoing – The Monster is terrified of becoming as ugly on the inside as he is on the outside, but he can’t seem to stop lashing out at anyone connected to Frankenstein. He wants to do better, but it’s just so damn hard to stop killing people!

Technophobia | Fear of Technology – We can’t blame the Monster for being a technophobe. He was created with some horrible combination of science and alchemy, and he can never thrive as a normal person. If we were the Monster, we’d run around bashing every computer in sight.

Xylophobia | Fear of Forests – Because Frankenstein’s a dick, he basically leaves a newborn creature to wander around the woods by himself with absolutely no guidance. Of course he’d be afraid of forests!

Pyrophobia | Fear of Fire – As the Monster treks aimlessly through the woods, he encounters fire. When he touches it, he realizes, yeah – it hurts like hell. It’s one of the first really painful experiences he has and probably leads to his pyrophobia.

Philophobia | Fear of Falling in Love – In the Bride of Frankenstein, Frankenstein actually creates another monster to serve as his companion, but she, like everyone else, rejects him. Can’t really blame the guy for being afraid of love.

Cleisiophobia | Fear of Being Locked Up in an Enclosed Space – In Penny Dreadful, all the Monster wants to do is leave Frankenstein’s creepy ass lab, but nope – he’s stuck inside. Good job, Viktor! Locking people up always leaves them super well-adjusted.

Tomophobia | Fear of Surgical Operations – Frankenstein’s Monster was literally cobbled together from pieces of corpses. He knows he looks horrible because of it, and the thought of going under the knife again must terrify him. He really hates plastic surgeons these days.

Gnosiophobia | Fear of Knowledge –The more the Monster learns, the more he sees how endlessly cruel people can be. He has to come to terms with how unforgiving the world can be pretty quickly, while the rest of us usually realize it when we fall on our faces in young adulthood.

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