Top Ten Phobias of James Bond

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Bond. James Bond. This is one suave motherfucker right here.  He looks straight into the eye of fear and says “fuck you.” He’s amazing at hiding and overcoming his fears, but that doesn’t mean they’re not there. He’s a good example of how we can kick ass in spite of our phobias.

Chronomentrophobia | Fear of Clocks – How many times has James Bond raced against time to stop something terrible from happening? Deadlines are stressful enough. Imagine having to meet one because the balance of the fucking world is in your hands.

Nomatophobia | Fear of Names – James Bond: owner of the world’s most boring name. Even his creator, Ian Fleming, said he gave the character the dullest name he could think of. It’s no wonder Bond is always trying to make a name for himself through his actions.

Acrophobia | Fear of Heights – Pretty much everyone has some fear of heights, but Bond’s gotta be pretty traumatized by his at this point. He’s fallen from buildings, planes, and even trains. Can you say PTSD?

Parliapophobia | Fear of Neglecting Responsibility – Bond’s motto seems to be “It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it.” Does that someone always have to be you, though? Take a break, man. Your many incarnations have been fighting crime for longer than most of us have been alive. Sometimes you need to let somebody else take the wheel.

Aurophobia | Fear of Gold – After a fight with Oddjob in Goldfinger, Bond finds Jill, Goldfinger’s employee and the woman he most recently slept with, dead from asphyxiation after her entire body was painted in gold. This definitely left him with some emotionally-damaging scars.

Ballistophobia | Fear of Missiles or Bullets – While Bond avoids way more bullets than he takes (the New Scientist reported that his enemies have fired at him at least 4,662 times), even he can’t dodge all of them. He faces his own mortality when, in Skyfall, he’s sniped off of a moving train. Ouch.

Russophobia | Fear of Russians   In From Russia with Love, Bond survives many close calls against Soviet secret agents, so it wouldn’t surprise us at all if he developed this phobia. We’d imagine being an MI6 agent at the height of the Cold War would be a pretty traumatic experience.

Macrophobia | Fear of Long Waits – Since Bond lives minute-by-minute, having to wait for anything must be pure torture.

Philophobia | Fear of Falling in Love – The fact that the term “Bond Girl” exists should tell you all you need to know about this particular phobia. Bond is married to his job, and the prospect of falling in love and settling down is more than he can handle. It doesn’t help that the women he falls for are sometimes trying to kill him.

Counterphobia | Preference for Fearful Situations – While James Bond has a few phobias, there are a lot of things that he should be afraid of that he just shrugs off. He’s definitely an adrenaline junkie, but maybe it’s because he’s so good at conquering his fears.

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