Top Ten Phobias Of Pepe The Frog

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Even though you might not know who or what he is, the image of Pepe the Frog has grown from his humble beginnings as a stoner in his very own ZINE aka mini-comic, to becoming a regular meme on the website 4chan, and from there, becoming the poster boy for some good old fashioned racism and the alt-right. Even Donald Trump got in on the Pepe the Frog action. It’s been a strange internet journey for Pepe the Frog, and he’s developed a bunch of fears along the way. Here are the Top Ten Phobias Of Pepe The Frog.

Arachibutyrophobia | Fear of Peanut Butter Sticking to the Roof of the Mouth – Pepe loves to get high. In fact, he may be high all of the time. And when you’re high, you sometimes get dry mouth and peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth actually becomes a reality………I’m super high right now because I use marijuana as a coping mechanism for my anxiety, and I finally got to use this phobia in my top tens, and I’m thrilled to bits about it right now. I may even go eat peanut butter to celebrate. I’m just wacky today.

Batrachophobia | Fear of Frogs, Toads or Other Amphibians – What happens when Pepe the Frog becomes a completely different frog after he becomes famous? Like a racist one! He’s all of a sudden looking into a mirror and fearing himself………I went through a period like this after I was arrested for my 3rd time.

Cleptophobia | Fear of Stealing – Pepe must be extremely fearful with all the fakes going around. People have stolen his image and made tons of memes about him, many of which aren’t even true. It’s ruined his life as he’s now been associated with so many awful things……..I’ve also been associated with awful things, which is why I move to new towns all the time and hope that no one there has access to the internet. It never happens, but a gal can wish, can’t she?

Judeophobia | Fear of Jews – Pepe has dressed up as Hitler before so he must be scared of them for some reason. Maybe it’s because he thinks they’ll buy the rights to his likeness or force him to work so they can make a pretty penny at his expense? Or that’s what ‘Alt-right’ Pepe wants you to think.

Eremophobia | Fear of Being Oneself or of Loneliness – One of Pepe’s most famous images is of him being sad. All he was doing was standing in public, feeling sad and lonely, and someone snapped a picture of him, and now it’s internet fodder. Now he feels even more isolated than before because he’s now the butt of a joke…….If this happened to me, the person who took the picture wouldn’t be alive right now…..Three times over.

Germanophobia | Fear of Germany or German Culture – One day Pepe started getting all these emails in German because somehow he got associated with neo-nazis. Pepe claims none of it is true, and he’s since condemned all of Germany just in case……..I’ve condemned Germany too, however, that never stopped me from stealing a Mercedes-Benz when I owed Jimmy Four Triggers a small fortune due to my father’s inherited gambling losses. Thanks, Dad!

Hominophobia | Fear of Men – Pepe the Frog started out as this innocent stoner and mankind couldn’t just let him be. They had to twist his life in so many directions, and like an abused rescue dog, he fears what man will do to him next……….Amen Pepe, Amen. People are such a disappointment.

Hypengyophobia | Fear of Responsibility – All Pepe really wants to do is smoke weed all day. His essence is of a lazy frog on the couch. That’s his ambition. He hates being the face of the ‘alt-right.’ The attention is just too much and he really wishes he’d be left alone………..Samesies.

Islamophobia | Fear, Hatred or Dislike of Islam or Muslims – Muslims never did anything to Pepe, but one of his manifestations hates them dearly…….And so does half the world it seems.

Lutraphobia | Fear of Otters – Otters eat frogs. Enough said………Ok, one more thing. Isn’t this Top 10 List, otter nonsense? And…….I’m the worst.

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