Top Ten Phobias of Sheldon Cooper

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With the recent news of the Big Bang Theory being renewed for an eleventh and twelfth season, we can rejoice at the thought of watching our favorite narcissistic genius for at least another two years. What makes us love Sheldon so much? He annoys the shit out of his friends, but his heart’s usually in the right place. It also helps that we can see little bits of ourselves in Sheldon’s many phobias.

Ataxophobia | Fear of Disorder or Untidiness – Neat freaks, rejoice. This one’s for you. Sheldon has a deep fear of anything ever being out of place.

Coprastasophobia | Fear of Constipation – When you organize your cereal by fiber content and keep a journal of your bowel movements, chances are you’re pretty scared of being stopped up. I wish my dad was constipated. He goes to the bathroom multiple times daily and it stinks up the whole house!

Katagelophobia | Fear of Ridicule – Sheldon can’t stand being wrong. When Leslie fixes an equation on his board, she mocks him and suggests she’s the better physicist. He becomes so frustrated that he can’t think of a comeback until she leaves.

Autodysomophobia | Fear of One that Has Vile Odor – Nobody likes riding the bus, especially not Sheldon Cooper. Public transportation always has a funky smell that was probably left by a hobo that spent the night curled up on its crusty seats. Sheldon seems to think that stench is going to stick to his clothes, so he takes it a step further than the rest of us by wearing his designated pair of bus pants. He’s got problems.

Panthophobia | Fear of Suffering and Disease – Every time Sheldon feels something slightly wrong with his physical condition, he’s convinced he’s dying. Kinda like my dad!

Centophobia | Fear of New Things or Ideas – Even the smallest change in Sheldon’s routine will set him off. When you can’t even order Chinese food without a certain friend being there, you’re probably centrophobic.

Methyphobia | Fear of Alcohol – Poor Sheldon. He can’t seem to have even a sip of beer without embarrassing himself. We’d be afraid of alcohol, too, if it made us moon an audience on YouTube or perform rousing show tunes at the Cheesecake Factory. My dad’s like this…..I wish he’d stop.

Dikephobia | Fear of Justice – Sheldon has numerous unnecessary run-ins with the law because he refuses to admit when he’s wrong. Being thrown in jail because you won’t pay the ticket for running a red light? Come on, man. 

Topophobia | Fear of Certain Places or Situations –He can’t give a speech in front of a crowd large enough to trample him. Anything more than 34 adults or 70 children is a no-go. My dad doesn’t even leave his room anymore. I think he’s depressed.

Polyphobia | Fear of Many Things – Okay, if we were to list all of Sheldon’s phobias, it would rival the length of War and Peace. Chances are, you probably share at least one or two phobias with Sheldon, and that’s what makes him so damn relatable.

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