Top Ten Phobias Of The Joker

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When I think of maniacal laughter, the Joker, of Batman fame, is one of the first people that comes to mind. There have been many different incarnations of him, from campy to pure evil to fashionista, and the one thing most everyone agrees with is that he fears absolutely nothing. However, in my opinion, this couldn’t be further than the truth. Here are the Top Ten Phobias of The Joker.

Allodoxaphobia | Fear of Opinions – When you have an ego as massive as the Joker’s, you love to hear the sound of your own point of views. And the last thing he wants to hear is somebody else’s, unless the opinion is about him being a genius………I’ll give the Joker one thing, he’s smarter than anyone I’ve ever dated, which makes him marriage material in my books.

Anuptaphobia | Fear of Staying Single – The Joker has given us clues about his family history, especially when it comes to his facial scars being inflicted by his Father. Because of this, and his many levels of insanity, you would think that a relationship would not be in his cards. However,  his relationship with Harley Quinn proves, that like many of us, he’s vulnerable and fears staying single forever……………I wish I was Harley Quinn……Sigh.

Athazagoraphobia | Fear of Being Forgotten or Ignored or Forgetting – When you have an ego, you want people to know you who you are, and to remember you long after you’re gone. Yes, he wants to see the world burn, but he’s doing it because he wants you to remember who burned it………..So hot! I’ve got a burning sensation right now too… my nether region. Break Time!

Clithrophobia | Fear of Being Locked Up in an Enclosed Space – This one’s pretty simple. He fears jail because he won’t get the attention he wants when the world can’t see him……..The good news for him though is that I’d break him out pretty quick. He’s just so hot!

Coulrophobia | Fear of Clowns – The Joker’s afraid of not being taken seriously and just being taken as a clown. So in a way, he fears himself. He hides behind the many layers of makeup to mask his true feeling……….I love complicated, vulnerable men.

Dikephobia | Fear of Justice – The only justice that The Joker fears is Batman. Not having the upper hand against Batman scares him, and his ego to death……………Two complicated, vulnerable men? Can someone say menage-a-trois heaven?

Euphobia | Fear of Hearing Good News – When you want to see Gotham City in complete chaos, the last thing you want to read in the newspaper is any sort of Good News story. He’s just the kind of guy that’s happy when everyone else is upset……..Who reads the paper anymore? Just solved this problem! Hopefully, the Joker pines over me for it.

Syngenesophobia | Fear of Relatives – On many occasions, the Joker has mentioned much he hates his father. And I don’t blame, as that bastard is the one that carved out his cheek scars with a kitchen knife………My heart just goes out him. I just want to hold the Joker and tell him everything’s going to be okay.

Technophobia | Fear or Dislike of Advanced Technology – Most people love the internet, but even more, everyone loves to voice their opinion by saying the meanest things about others on forum boards and Twitter. And with his fragile ego, the last thing the Joker wants is to be internet shamed. So if he could, he’d destroy the internet if possible…………And guess what? I’m available to help! All he has to do is ask, and I’ll be there. Call me!!

Panophobia or Pantophobia | Fear of Everything – Everyone thinks the Joker has no fear at all, but I’m here to tell you that he’s actually afraid of everything. He’s so petrified of not amounting to anything, that he acts insane as his way to cope with life………..The Joker just called me!!!! We’re getting married!!! Dreams do come true!!! And the drugs I took are obviously kicking in too!!!!

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