Top Ten Phobias of Wolverine

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Top Ten Phobias of Wolverine

With the debut of Logan, the last Wolverine film starring Hugh Jackman, we here at Massive Phobia thought it was about time we did a Top Ten Phobia List for Wolverine. He’s one of the most iconic and beloved super heroes of all time. Why? Because he’s a kick ass mother fucker who just oozes cool. It’s something you’re born with and Wolverine has it in spades. He’s not just any mutant from the X-Men, he is THE mutant. However, even though he does have super abilities, he also has fears and phobias just like the rest of us, and that’s why we love him so.

Agrizoophobia | Fear of Wild Animals – Of all of Wolverine’s enemies, it’s unanimous that Sabretooth is his greatest foe. A vicious mutant assassin possessing bestial superhuman abilities, rapid healing powers, razor sharp fangs and deadly claws. This wild animal has given Wolverine his toughest battles and it’s no doubt as to why this phobia keeps Wolverine up at night.  

Aviophobia | Fear of Flying – It’s not known why Wolverine is afraid of flying, but throughout his comic history iWolverine’s fear of flying has been discussed and made fun of on numerous occasions. Your guess is as good as ours on the history of this? Any theories?

Sociophobia | Fear of People or Society – Wolverine has never fit into regular society as being a mutant is not ideal in a socially normal human society. He’s never been treated well, just like all the mutants, and being in constant fear of being attacked is always on his mind. Of course you’re going to fear those that don’t understand you. Sometimes people suck….and by sometimes, we mean most of the time.

Autophobia | Fear of Being Alone – You would think that a loner like Logan wouldn’t want to be part of a team, but Logan has led a very lonely life and has thrived as being part of the X-Men. It’s part of his contradiction. He’s really a big softy on the inside. 

Brontophobia | Fear of Thunder and Lighting – This has been brought up in the comics before as Logan is still part animal and like all animals he gets scared of thunder. Again, the contradiction of Wolverine. Also, what a baby!

Catagelophobia | Fear of Being Ridiculed – This is similar to being afraid of people. One of the biggest things that hurts the most is the ridicule and lack of understanding from regular society. Words hurt, and being with the X-Men, away from everyday life is music to his very furry ears.

Gerascophobia | Fear of Growing Old or Aging – You’re probably saying ‘but Wolverine can self heal and he’ll live forever’ and you’d be right, however, what happens when you outlive all of your friends? It’s a very sad life to constantly watch your friends and loved ones die. I wouldn’t want to and it’s part of Wolverine’s blessing and curse…..Poor guy.

Aquaphobia | Fear of Water or of Rabies – This one’s like his fear of thunder. His beastly tendencies take over here and he’s actually scared of drowning in water. Again, it’s hard to picture, but it’s in the comic lore. 

Oneirophobia | Fear of Dreams – Sometimes Wolverine has terrible dreams from his past. He’s haunted by the things he’s seen and the pieces he can’t put together. And then there was the time that Jean Grey got inside his head. So yeah, he’s afraid of his dreams.

Amnesiphobia | Fear of Amnesia – The biggest phobia for Wolverine is his fear of amnesia, as he does actually have amnesia. His history is checkered and part of his story is not knowing his past. It’s something he’s scared of delving into, as it might be too much for him to mentally handle. This fear makes his character the most intriguing of the X-Men because you just don’t know where he’s been or what he’s done. He’s the X-Men X-factor and that’s why we love him so. 

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