Top Ten Phobias of Piper Chapman

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Oh, Piper. What’s your deal? You had a perfect life and a good education, and you decide to start trafficking drugs with your girlfriend. So the drug lord gets caught, you turn yourself in, and decide to keep a low profile. Then, you do THE EXACT OPPOSITE of keeping a low profile. From starting an illegal panty peddling business to accidentally sparking a white power uprising, you’re really not good at flying under the radar. What are you so afraid of?

Atelophobia | Fear of Imperfection – Piper is the definition of a stuck-up perfectionist. She constantly uses her higher level of education to prove others wrong, though her pedantry causes her to be one of the most disliked inmates at Litchfield.

Automysophobia | Fear of Being Dirty – In the first seconds of the first episode of Orange is the New Black, Piper tells us that she’s always loved getting clean. She doesn’t deal well with people taking up her shower time at Litchfield.

Botanophobia | Fear of Plants – When Frieda helps Alex cover up the murder of the hitman that was after her, they bury his remains in the vegetable garden. Piper finds out, and is horrified. It must not be easy eating those vegetables… knowing how they were fertilized.

Catagelophobia | Fear of Being Ridiculed – Piper’s WASPy, lower upper class upbringing leaves her as a source of constant amusement for other Litchfield prisoners, who obviously have far less privileged backgrounds. She doesn’t handle it well at first.

Eleutherophobia | Fear of Freedom – In the past two seasons of Orange is the New Black, it seems like Piper is trying everything she can to get a harsher prison sentence. From forming a panty selling business to accidentally starting a white power group, it’s almost as though she’s afraid of getting out of prison.

Peladophobia | Fear of Bald People – Those skinheads sure do take a liking to Piper, but she definitely doesn’t want to associate with them. 

Hypengyophobia | Fear of Responsibility – Piper will do everything she can to put the blame on someone else. Accidentally forms a white power group? (I know I keep mentioning that, but seriously, Piper?) Totally not her fault. 

Arrhenophobia | Fear of Men – Who can blame Piper for her arrhenophobia, especially after Piscatella kidnaps her? 

Syngenesophobia | Fear of Relatives – Piper really seems to hate her mother. She’s cold and distant, and the two never had a good relationship.

Peniaphobia | Fear of Poverty – Having lived in luxury most of her life, Piper is terrified that when she gets out of prison, she’s going to have nothing to go back to, and heaven forbid she has to move in with her parents for a few months. She starts various schemes to make sure she leaves prison with a sum of money to get her life started up again.

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