Top Ten Phobias of Rick Deckard

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Rick Deckard: Harrison Ford’s other sci-fi action hero. A cool, no-nonsense cop with a strict sense of duty, Rick kicks ass and takes names as he hunts down rogue replicas. Fun fact: The Blade Runner series is loosely based off of Philip K. Dick’s novel, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Yeah, we agree. Blade Runner sounds way more badass. Anyway, here are the Top Ten Phobias of Rick Deckard.

Ichthyophobia | Fear of Fish – Rick just wanted to sit down, enjoy his sushi in peace, and leave all that blade running business behind him. But no. Gaff has to interrupt his meal and bring him back into the fray. Rick will probably never want to see so much as a tilapia fillet for the rest of his life. My mom always fed me microwaved fish sticks growing up, and it’s put me off fish forever, even though it probably wasn’t even fish that I was eating.

Patroiophobia | Fear of Heredity – There’s a pretty popular theory that Rick is actually a replicant. After Rick has a dream about a unicorn, Gaff leaves him with a unicorn origami figure. Some fans say this is evidence that, like a replica, he’s had memories inserted into his brain. If Rick also suspects this, then he probably IS afraid of his own heredity. If you’ve read any of my top 10 lists, you know how I feel about my family and that I have tons of issues too. Are you judging me now? Want me to stab you? Didn’t think so.

Ommetaphobia | Fear of Eyes – Replicants’ eyes glow. It’s actually pretty cool to see, but probably not so if you’re already afraid you might be one. Rick’s eyes are shown glowing for a split second in the film. If he ever sees this glint in his eyes, he’s gonna be super freaked out. I never let anyone look into my eyes, for the fear that they’ll get to know the real me and run. That would really hurt.

Ophidiophobia or Ophiophobia | Fear of Snakes – Are we running the “Why does it always have to be snakes?” joke into the ground? Be honest, because it seems like 80’s action movies starring Harrison Ford have a lot of snakes and snake-like imagery. Not our doing, guys. In Blade Runner, when Rick goes to kill the replicant Zhora, who just happens to have a giant pet snake hanging from her neck, she almost manages to kill him. Just think – that snake could have been the last thing he ever saw. In my case, there was one time I almost died during sex (don’t ask), and a snake could have been the last thing I saw too.

Venustraphobia | Fear of Beautiful Women – Rachel, the femme fatale du film, is sleek, composed, and sexy. She smokes cigarettes ever so nonchalantly and kills Leon with a pretty brutal head shot. Rick’s kinda got a thing for her, even though he knows she’s a replicant. Makes sense that he’s got venustraphobia. All of my ex-boyfriends always leave me for one. Sigh.

Xeroxophobia | Fear of Using Anything Made by Xerox – Replicants are essentially Xeroxed, humans… And Xerox was big in the 80’s, right? It’s probably yet another thing you ungrateful millennials killed. I wish you’d kill Facebook but somehow grandparents would probably keep it alive.

Paralipophobia | Fear of Neglecting Responsibility – He was out of the game, man! He wasn’t gonna be a Blade Runner anymore! Fortunately, because of his fear of neglecting responsibility, he’s able to stop the wayward replicants from wreaking too much havoc. This pretty much sums up my life but just insert family for replicants.

Spaceophobia | Fear of Outer Space – I mean, that IS where replicants come from, technically. My dad always used to say; he wished he could take his employees to space, that way no one could hear them scream. So yeah, that shits fucked up and why I don’t want to go there.

Sociophobia | Fear of Society or People in General – Rick is that archetypical loner detective who’s so buried in his work that he shuns pretty much everyone. Maybe he’s the perfect man for me. We sound like twins these days. Swoon. Harrison Ford was so hot back then. Hot!

Technophobia | Fear or Dislike of Advanced Technology – I mean, it’s the reason these replicants live such miserable lives. If Rick didn’t feel beholden to his duty as a Blade Runner, maybe he could live a normal, quiet life. I don’t have this fear because the more advanced things become, the more I get to hide behind walls. Did I mention I’m the world worst/best Internet Troll? Be afraid.

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