Top Ten Real World Reasons You Might Want to Look into Shadow Work

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The topic of SHADOW is an interesting one. We here at Massive Phobia have all had it, especially on the brain, since introducing Ghosts and Demons and Shadows! Oh My! It’s quite strange to encounter your own Shadow, which can be the thing that “so and so” does that drives you totally bonkers, or some kind of imagery that comes often in a dream, or the real underlying reason you keep repeating the same old patterns in relationships. The list goes on and on but our shadows are always following us around. Hence, Shadow Work is a recent addition to our ever growing Toolbox. But before you take a look there, here’s our Top Ten Real World Reasons You Might Want to Look into Shadow Work.

1. Begin to know and accept yourself.

How can you have real compassion for yourself when you deny some of your core pieces? By being brave enough to take a look, you can reclaim hidden fragments that create pain and suffering. The more whole and integrated we are, the more freedom, resilience, and joy can arrive.

2. Help escape negative relationship patterns.

By understanding how you contribute to generating these patterns, you can finally be released from that endless cycle. It’s like when you meet someone new, and they seem like a fantastic fresh start, then at a certain point, you realize you are just stuck in some version of the same old loop. This is your get out of jail free, well no, you gotta do the work, but..

3. Find more closeness and real connection in all your intimate relationships.

When you have taken a minute to find some of the ‘monsters’ inside you, you will no longer need to be confronting them outside in the people you encounter. It leaves you much more freedom to enjoy the person you’re with instead of dancing with your projections.

4. Release deep seeded fears and experience more flexibility and freedom in your life.

Someone once explained it to me like this; if you are damming up a bunch of bad feelings, you are pretty likely to be holding back good feelings too. Get out of limbo by taking a good look in the dark, scary corners. Ya, it sucks, but you’ll wonder why you avoided it for so long when you see how much better you can feel by liberating those locked down spots.

5. Understand your dream life.

Ever had a dream that keeps repeating and you don’t know why? Or maybe you never remember your dreams. Or your dreams seem dull in comparison to what other people share? Since our unconscious is most present in the dream-state, this is pretty much the domain of Shadow, and you can gain a lot of insight by taking some time to examine the content.

6. Release negativity you are unconscious of generating.

I am kind of imagining the Charlie Brown Character, Pig Pen. You know the little guy with a big cloud of dirt always billowing around him? It’s like that, just instead of actual dirt, this is psychic muck tarnishing your moments.

7. Progress more quickly in all areas of your life because you are diminishing the psychic garbage that is dragging you down.

Kind of like when you aren’t keeping the crap and clutter off your computer, and it slows to a crawl and makes you crazy? Well, since our shadow hides-out in the subconscious, doing some work on tidying up that deep level will have positive results that shine through in every arena of your life. It will free up more psychic space for daily operations. So yes, it’s a very good thing.

8. Heal old family wounds.

Sometimes when we look down the line, it can be hard to tell where it all started. Some pretty awful stuff can be handed down for generations, twisting and perverting itself along the way. By taking some time to address your own shadow, you can forgive your parents and help heal the family tree. Also, it helps to be more conscious of the relationship you cultivate with your children. Don’t pass down the family baggage unknowingly.

9. Escape spiritual bypassing.

Humans are complicated. Some of us try to climb the spiritual ladder to distance ourselves from what might be considered the more yucky and base aspects of humanity. And while ascension is valiant, we just really can’t escape the Shadow. In other words, own it before it owns you. Just think of how many horror stories are out there about high-level gurus and their abuses of power, despite masterful spiritual attainments.

10. Grow your compassion and understanding for other people by accepting and accounting for your own dark places.

Once you have confronted some of your own spooks, you won’t be nearly as intimidated and intolerant of other human beings on this planet in nearly the same predicament. And none of this is suggesting you have to put up with bad behavior. These are just some tools to help you understand where it might be coming from and how you might handle things differently for a better outcome.

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