Twins Battling OCD Found Dead In Apparent Suicide Pact

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Sadly, on March 30th, twin sisters Sara and Amanda Eldritch who battled debilitating OCD their whole lives, died of an apparent suicide. The twins came to fame in a 2017 episode of ‘The Doctors’, in which they discussed their obsessive cleanliness rituals, like using an entire bar of soap to wash their hands, taking 10 hour-long showers, and eventually, planning their eating and drinking habits around avoiding having to use a public restroom if they were leaving the home.

They explained that they were excited about having their OCD symptoms relieved after undergoing experimental brain surgery called deep brain stimulation.

“I’m really excited to not feel like I’m at war with my own existence,” said Amanda. “I can be functional enough to go get a job and make a difference. There’s a world out there I want to be a part of.”

Unfortunately, it seems that the surgery might not have been as impactful on changing their lives as they hoped. On March 30th, the twins were found dead with gunshot wounds in a parked at their home in Colorado. According to Sgt. Megan Richards, a police spokesperson, he says they appear to have died as part of a suicide pact.

A GoFundMe page created for the twins’ mother describes Amanda and Sara Eldritch as “creative, artistic, intelligent, compassionate, kind and generous people who loved animals, especially their three dogs. They did everything in tandem with each other.”

But the page also pointed out something for all of us to think and learn from.

“There is no cure for mental illness, and they finally succumbed to this insidious disease.”

The twins suffered and battled for a very long time, and it’s up to us to spread awareness about mental health issues. Let’s not let their deaths be in vain and do our best to help fund research to improve the lives of people like Amanda and Sara Eldritch so this doesn’t have to happen again.

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