The Unauthorized Deathbed Letter of Forrest Gump

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We here at Massive Phobia have obtained the Unauthorized Deathbed Letter of Forrest Gump, and we felt the need to share it due to its simple message from a very simple but beautiful man. Hopefully, all of us can learn to be simple too.

Below is the transcribed letter due to the original being extremely damaged. Sorry for the inconvenience but it’s the best we could due.

My momma always said that most people go through life just reacting to things and that for those people, life will really just pass them by. She liked to tell me that she was really proud of me because I was a doer. And even though that I may not be as smart as everyone else, I got up did the things that I wanted to do and that’s what made me so special.

At first, I couldn’t walk right, but then by the grace of God, I could run! Then I ran across America! I fought in the Vietnam War. I started a shrimp company. I played Ping-Pong all around the world. I met two different Presidents. And I even cut grass at the local school whenever I wanted too.

I think Lieutenant Dan was a little jealous of me because he used to say that me not thinking too much was my greatest strength and that most people’s biggest problems come from when their brains start telling them that they can’t do things right. He said since I don’t have that switch in my head, then everything becomes possible.

When Lieutenant Dan comes to visit now and again, he always says that he’s thankful that what I have finally crawled through every inch of his body, even his titanium legs! Can you believe he has titanium legs? What will people come up with next?

Maybe they’ll invent a new type of lawn mower that doesn’t need me to fill it with gasoline all the time. Little Forrest says that they now have phones that can order you some of our Bubba Gump Shrimp without talking to people and they deliver it right to your door?

Maybe they’ll even deliver it to my room in Heaven, cause that’s where I’m going really soon. I’m sure heaven is even nicer than Momma always told me it was.

And I just know the first thing I’m going to do when I get there is take a walk with Jenny for some ice cream too. Because just like Lieutenant Dan said, “Nothing is impossible unless you think it is.”

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