The Unbalanced Being of the Day: Louis C.K.

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As a stand-up comedy fan who scours the internet looking for tidbits about comedians, the news about Louis C.K. forcing women to watch him masturbate did not come as a surprise. These rumors have swirled on the comedy gossip rags for quite some time, and instead of addressing these rumors whenever they were brought up in interviews, Louis C.K. always swept it under the rug.

Unfortunately for Louis C.K., he should have discussed those rumors when he had the chance to open up his life, his sexual misconduct choices, and why his chosen form of pleasuring himself in front of women seems to be a common trait amongst many of the recent Hollywood Power Males who have been accused of sexual crimes.

Since we’re a mental health website, we want to look at this story from a psychological point of view and what are the motivations of someone like Louis C.K. to masturbate in front of women without their consent.

Some psychologists believe that this behavior stems from their own childhood abuse themselves. They may have had mothers who were emotionally abusive or who didn’t protect them from abusive fathers. As some men get older, they act out that anger towards women in a sexualized manner. They sexualize their emotions because they don’t know any other way of comporting themselves.

The act of masturbation to many of these men, in their minds, is not the violent act of rape, and since they didn’t lay a hand on a female, they don’t view themselves as being bad, like someone who commits the violent act of rape. However, they fail to see how their sexual misconduct is an assault, as there was no consent by any of the women they forced to be involved. For most, somewhere along the line, a disconnect has occurred, and that is a huge problem.

If you were to psychologically break down Louis C.K., you’re going to obviously find a damaged human being, who has lower self-esteem than we ever thought. He most likely is caught in a cycle of taking out his own issues (low-self-esteem, shame, etc.), through illegal sexual conduct that’s meant to make women feel the same way that he’s most likely feeling all the time. When you think about it, it’s not some innocent act even when you compare it to the act of rape itself. It’s a very mean-spirited act, like a big fuck you to women as to say, “Here’s all my own issues and terrible shit that is my life and now you have to deal with it forever too.”

In regards to Louis C.K. and others that use this form of sexual assault, we don’t know how or why his behaviour manifested. Trying to understand what he’s done doesn’t condone any of his behaviours. We do know that Louis C.K. should have addressed these rumours a very long time ago, and we hope that he does address in the very near future.

And that’s why Louis C.K. is The Unbalanced Being of the Day.

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