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Posted by Edward Ernest | Aug 30, 2017 | Real News, The Unbalanced Being of the Day | 0 |

You’ve read the title of this one correctly. We here at Massive Phobia are The Unbalanced Being of the Day and for a very good reason.

In our never ending pursuit to try and improve this website from the ugly mess that it is, to something we might not cringe while looking at it some day, we hire freelancers to make little improvements here and there.

We knew our mobile and tablet version of this site was not aesthetically pleasing and quite hard to read by most, so we employed someone new for the quick job. This person did his job quickly and perfectly. We had no issues. But then things took a turn for the worst, and we literally lost our shit over here.

This gentleman or so he calls himself, asked to be paid outside of the service we employed him through, which is a violation of the terms of service. This means, we would get banned and since we hire so many people from this site, we were not going to grant this gentleman’s wish as he wanted to avoid their fees.

When we said no to this individual, he kept persisting to the point it became very fishy, and then a light bulb went off in our heads that this guy seemed capable of anything. We checked our website immediately, and it was now down.

We quickly went to the back end of our site and removed him and all his passwords. We checked the site log and could see that he went into our site right after we said ‘no’ to his illegal request.

This individual denied that he did anything but then stated that if we paid him, he’d get our site back up for free.

We were in shock that it was so blatantly done. Did this person not understand business? We were ready to hire him to do other things. He was going to make a lot more money, and now over a very tiny fee that he wanted to avoid, he committed a crime against us. This was/is a real crime. It’s just like an employee coming back to your store, and vandalizing your store so no one could access it all day.

The rest of our day became a rush to find someone to fix what he did as soon as possible. We also reported him to the service Upwork and are trying to find out his real identity as well.

To say that this destroyed our day is an understatement. When you’re trying to be good people, and then all of a sudden someone tries to destroy everything you made with one fell swoop, well, it’s pretty much feels like someone was trying to throw you down an abandoned well and then cover it up with no light in sight. Just darkness. It was a terrible feeling to encounter. A helpless despair.

And that’s why we, Massive Phobia, are the Unbalanced Being of the Day.

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