The Unbalanced Being of the Day: White Supremacists

Posted by Edward Ernest | Aug 16, 2017 | Real News, The Unbalanced Being of the Day | 0 |

A tragedy occurred in Charlottesville this past weekend as there were scrums between White Supremacists/Nazis and those that oppose White Supremacists/Nazis. The eventual outcome was the death of Heather Heyer as she was tragically run down by a car driven by a White Supremacist/Nazi in a very cowardly act of violence.

I’ve had to listen to many people do their best to defend the White Supremacist/Nazi Protest and blame Black Lives Matter/Antifa for their role as being the instigators. Or many believe that they are partly to blame for the violence that preceded the cowardly act of violence that lead to the death of Heather Heyer.

Now, before I get to the White Supremacists/Nazis, let’s talk about my opinion of these other two groups so that you know where I’m coming from.

I’m from Toronto, and the Toronto Arm of Black Lives Matter has caused a stir here the past two summers in relation to the Gay Pride parade. I was upset that they hijacked another minorities day to further their own cause which took away from the purpose of PRIDE, which was to celebrate gay culture. The tactic didn’t sit well with me, however, even if I don’t agree with their tactics, they are still fighting for their equality. They’ve been oppressed for far too long, and it still goes on. THEY ARE NOT WHITE SUPREMACISTS/NAZIS.

The second group is Antifa, which according to Wikipedia, is an Anti-Fascist-Racism-Capitalism-Sexism political movement. Part of their history involves combating white supremacism not by trying to change government policy but through direct action. They try to publicly identify white supremacists and get them fired from their jobs and evicted from their apartments, in addition to disrupting white-supremacist rallies, including by force. Whereas we don’t agree to their use of force, it’s safe to say that THEY ARE NOT WHITE SUPREMACISTS/NAZIS.

So what are White Supremacists/Nazis? White Supremacists/Nazis are white people that believe that they are superior people and have a right to dominate other people and purge society of supposed inferior elements. In the 1930’s, when this movement hit an all time high in Germany, White Supremacists/Nazis killed 6 million Jews and anyone else that got in their way. Thankfully, the allied nations, which included the United States of America, defeated the White Supremacists/Nazis so this hatred would not spread to the rest of the world.

So let’s go back to the people arguing about all three of these groups and that they should all take the blame for what happened. Only one of these three groups has a history of Killing 6 million people in a genocide less than 100 years ago. I, like many of my friends, had relatives that perished or survived the horrors of the Nazi concentration camps. So please don’t call me Alt-Left or Fake News. I have no political affiliation. In fact, as of this writing, I’m a registered voter for the Conservative Party of Canada. Only one group over the weekend were THE WHITE SUPREMACISTS/NAZIS, and they brandished a symbol of death, racism, hatred while shouting Heil Hitler and Heil Trump. So if you still think that all sides are to blame, let me remind you that this is how it all started in early 20th century Germany. They’re WHITE SUPREMACISTS/NAZIS. End of story. This shouldn’t even be an argument. So please don’t hide behind it’s Alt Right or Libertarian bullshit. If you defend them, you’re just as bad as them. And if you don’t like what I have to say about this, then please, don’t follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or visit our site ever again.

And that’s why White Supremacist/Nazis are The Unbalanced Being of the Day.

Photo Credit: Ted Eytan

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