Using Projection As A Weapon Against Narcissists

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Projection is a counter-attack weapon and a pretty valuable one at that. And it’s something you may be familiar with too, especially if you’ve grown up surrounded by a coven of narcissists…… like me. 

Projection is the denial of the existence of something inside yourself (Me English Bad.) So it’s like if you despise needy people, like the lovely folks who work at the Red Cross who keep calling you for donations, but deep down you’re just projecting this insecurity because somewhere inside of you is a needy person just waiting to be unleashed onto an unsuspecting victim aka Darla. SORRY DARLA! I CAN ADMIT WHEN I MAKE MISTAKES! And this can be done consciously or unconsciously, however, when it comes to narcissists, it’s done consciously because they’re pure evil. Also, It just doesn’t have to be an insecurity that’s projected either, as it can also be an ACT that they want to use against you. BUT GREAT NEWS!!!  There’s a way to stay a step or even three steps ahead of them. 

For example, I started a Video Game Bar in 2014 called Beers of War with a guy named Frank, who seemed like a cool dude from my Warcraft league; however, I soon found out that he wasn’t cool at all, and instead, he was a lying, blame shifting, narcissist charlatan. 

The lies began on a hot summer day. The azaleas were in bloom, and I just had a wonderful online date in Second World with an awesome female that I wanted to spend lots of time with named Darla. It was my 2nd day off in a row, after a stint of 14 straight nights on closing duty, and Frank called me as I was soaking in the tub with some lavender bubble bath. He was angry about the bar not being clean that day and started blaming our employees that were on closing duty. However, when I checked the schedule, I found that Frank was the person on previous nights closing duty, and therefore, he was complaining about himself because he’s insane. I found it quite odd, but I let it slide anyway……….. until more of our split duties started to become mine, such as alcohol purchasing, making cool promotional posters for awesome DJ’s who only play movie/tv/video game themes, and circuit board repair. And this really ticked me the hell off. 

So when Frank started planting the seeds that one of our employees was stealing from us, I just couldn’t take it at face value because the person he was accusing was a devout Christian named Rudy. Even though I hate organized religion, including my own, I knew my Jesus loving employee followed the ten commandments, because one time, he invited me to Sunday Church, which I laughed off at the time, but felt really bad about that later on that day. I mean, it’s not his fault he’s Christian.

So I asked the Rudy to watch Frank closely for me to see if he was ringing in all his cash sales and pocketing the money or something else super shifty. It was a need to know basis, and I needed to know. And sure enough, Rudy spotted Frank robbing me fucking blind while employing this sleazy misdirection tactic towards me on the side. And on top of that, I started following him after some of his nightshifts, and I’d capture him on camera, carrying some of our cases of alcohol to his car. WHAT WAS HE DOING???!!!!! So from there, I’d follow him as he did deliveries, like he was as a dial-a-bottle late night illegal service…… at my expense. THE NERVE OF THIS FUCKING GUY!!!

So when I confronted him with this evidence, the piece of shit still denied it but was like ‘What are you going to do about it?’ and I was like ‘Get you arrested’ and he was like ‘Good luck with that.’ And because I had all this proof, Frank got actual jail time, but I still lost my bar because it turns out that Frank wasn’t paying the landlord like he said he was. I wanted to use my Jeet Kune Do on him so bad, but Dr. Jonas Von convinced me to be the better man, even though being the better man feels like shit. So what does all this mean? I’ll tell ya! If it wasn’t for Frank’s projection, I wouldn’t have been able to gather the evidence I needed to use against him.

So maybe your situation is not a business related matter, like mine. Yours may involve your most recent love relationship, and this person is accusing you of staying out late and cheating. Well, guess what? They’re the one that’s cheating, and now you can catch them in the act with proof. It’s like they’re too stupid to know that they should just shut up. They just love projecting their foul stench by gaslighting others. However, if you know what you’re up against, then it will suck to be the Narcissist Projectionist in the long run. And I hope Frank’s being forced to suck something else against his will as I type this. HaHa!

* This weapon is to be used heavily in Reconnaissance missions when needing secret information from narcissists, about other narcissists, their headquarters, fundraising efforts, and anti-bullying, yet bullying tactics.

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