Website Ignorantly Claims That Kids With ADHD Should Play Fantasy Sports

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Usually on this website, with a title like we’ve chosen, you would most likely be reading a piece of fake or joke laced news in an attempt to make you laugh about your personal mental health issues. However, there is no joke here. We were appalled after reading an article by a doctor on the website Learningworks For Kids, that recommended that children with ADHD should start playing fantasy sports.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with fantasy sports, it’s a form of gambling that gets away without being called gambling based on the wording of gambling laws. I will point out that the author of the article did not mention any transfer of funds or betting of any kind in his recommendation for kids to play fantasy sports. In fact, he just wants kids to play these games in the purest of forms. That form being, picking your players, tracking them throughout the year, and competing against others.

In reality, playing these games for fun as a child is a gateway drug for playing these games for money as they get older. Playing these games when young will help further their thinking that gambling can be beaten and adds to a psychological self-esteem factor as well. In a sense, you’re programming a child with ADHD to have this self-esteem gratification relationship with a future gambling problem. It is inevitable that as a child gets older that he/she will not be enticed to start playing these fantasy sports games for money. You’d be completely ignorant to think otherwise. So why in the hell would you recommend that children with ADHD learn the necessary skills to gamble on these games when they’re young and don’t know any better?

If my family knew or had information about my brother’s ADHD issues when we were younger, there is no doubt that he would not have been allowed near fantasy sports when he was introduced to it at the age ten-years-old. His knowledge of fantasy sports eventually led him down the road to gambling on fantasy sports, then onto regular sports, and then he eventually ended up in gambling rehab on more than one occasion. Much of his life got destroyed, and he’s been doing his best to mend many of the fractured relationships he created ever since.

According to the Centre for Mental Health and Addiction (one of Canada’s leading research facilities), there is evidence to suggest that a considerable subset of problem gamblers have attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), with characteristic features of impulsivity and difficulty sustaining attention. The two disorders, problem gambling, and ADHD, interact on various levels; for instance, gambling impulses are poorly controlled, and ADHD symptoms such as chronic boredom, depression and low self-esteem are relieved by the stimulus and reward of gambling.

And this is why I’m up in arms over how a licensed doctor could write such an ignorant article on a website that’s about learning and children. No matter what social benefits they claim a child with ADHD would be receiving from playing fantasy sports, the negatives could actually turn into a lifetime of self-destruction. And if anyone knows anything about gambling and its effects, it just doesn’t hurt the individual that’s participating; it also rips families completely apart.

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