What Are The Best Jobs For People Who Battle ADHD And ADD?

Posted by Amber Adams | Nov 22, 2018 | ADHD | 0 |

To say that there is a set list of jobs or careers for people who battle ADHD and ADD would not be doing a service to those brave mental health warriors. The reality is that everyone is different, not just in their interest and personalities, but also to the degree that ADHD or ADD effects your life. Even with the help of medications, many people still can’t keep their ADHD/ADD under full control while others can. So there’s not a one job fits all in this case. The best advice we can give you is to follow the below list of steps in your attempt to whittle down the choices that fit you best.

1. What are your interests? Identify your top few interests because if you love what you do, it will be easier for you to concentrate on completing the tasks that need to be done.

2. Once you have figured out your interests, you’ll then need to figure out if you can make a career or a living out of these interests. If you can’t make a living off some of the interests on your list, then it’s probably not a good idea to research that idea any further.

3. Once you have some interests that can afford you a living, you then must be realistic when it comes to knowing if you’ll stick with any of your choices. You’ll need to figure out if you have the current skills to work in this field immediately, or will you need some extra education? If you think you need more education before you begin, does that make this career less achievable because you may not learn well in a traditional school environment? If so, move onto something more attainable.

4. Once you’ve gone through the first 3 steps and still have an interest that can afford you a living, it’s time to figure out what school program or apprenticeship/intern program you can take. For those that don’t learn in a traditional school environment, apprenticeships or internships may work best for you, as you’ll learn as you go, and you won’t need to pay money for them either. In fact, you may even get paid for some internships.

5. If you still want to take a traditional program, even though it may not suit your learning style, look into getting extra help with a tutor or someone to help organize your studying habits to keep you in check. If you’re learning something you love, and it excites you, it should make this whole process much more manageable.

6. If none of your interests equal a job that can help you make a living, then we suggest finding a job that provides you with the least amount of stress possible, so your brain doesn’t go into overdrive and get your thoughts jumbled. For example, besides writing for this website, I also drive Uber to make ends meet. Writing is something I love, and driving Uber is something that is low stress for me and earns me money.

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