What Are The Three Different Types Of Self Esteem?

Posted by Edward Ernest | Oct 2, 2018 | Self Esteem | 0 |

Self Esteem is something that should be addressed more in the school curriculum when growing up. Besides your regular subjects, self-esteem plays a significant role in how you learn, and what you do with your education after you’re done you’re schooling, and in your personal relationships as well. However, the Emotional IQ of people always seems to be neglected, which is unfortunate, thus giving everyone different types of self-esteem, and some are better than others.

There are three types of self-esteem, and sometimes you fluctuate between different types. It all depends on what is going on in your life at that very moment, as some people are a little more resilient than others based on their history and their dominant self-esteem type.

Inflated Self Esteem

Those with inflated self-esteem aka narcissist tendencies think they’re better than others and like to underestimate everyone else. This form of self-esteem is negative, and it holds them back from establishing healthy relationships. For people with this type of self-esteem, happiness is found in achieving success, which makes them very competitive, but it’s hard to attain this happiness over the long term.

People with inflated self-esteem have a difficult time listening to others and have an inability to critique themselves. This leads to blaming others for their own shortcomings and being hostile when confronted about these issues.

High Self Esteem

People with this type of self-esteem value and accept themselves. It’s a positive self-esteem that gives oneself the courage to face most problems that may arise. Unlike Inflated Self Esteem, High Self Esteem does not make one arrogant. The person is very secure with who they are and avoids letting negativity throw them off balance.

Low Self Esteem

People who battle Low Self Esteem do not value or trust themselves. Their insecurities can be felt in most situations that they encounter, and for many of them, the fear of failure holds them back from mobilizing. Unfortunately for those with low self-esteem, being unhappy is a part of their daily life.

When things are going right for people with Low Self Esteem, there is a euphoria that is felt, however, when one bad thing happens to that moment, things crumble instantaneously. They don’t have the skills to combat adversary, and their mood goes along with it.

There are some people with Low Self Esteem that have more stability than others, but their biggest issue becomes indecision. They don’t trust themselves, situations, or other people.

What type of self-esteem is the most common for you?


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