What Can’t I See My Therapist Records?

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Dear Judge Mental Jones,

I had weekly therapy for depression for over a year with my very empathetic therapist. However, for some reason, she’s unwilling to share with me whether she thought depression was my only diagnosis. Instead, she’d always ask me what I thought I had. I didn’t see the point of this question I’m judgment challenged which is why I’m there. When I pressed more, she kept insinuating I had “trust issues.” I was devastated and humiliated. Was it inappropriate to ask to see my records or to know what she thought about my diagnosis and progress? I feel like I can’t get any closure now that I broke off our relationship.

Dear What Can’t I See My Therapist Records,

First, let me do what I do best and trash your therapist on your behalf to make you feel better before I get to rational thinking.

WHAT!?!?!?!? This dumbass Therapist has ONE job and its to make you feel like you’re in a safe space. She could have at least explained her thought process a little more instead of ignoring you, making you feel small, and then ultimately destroying the fabric in which a therapist/client relationship is built on. She should honestly go back to therapist school and re-learn how to deal with situations like this or I can just punch her in the face for you. You should never be made to feel humiliated after going to a THERAPIST!!! This asshole is cancelled. Copy & Paste this answer into her YELP reviews- boom!

Now for the rational me, as my own therapy has been working well lately. So many things could have been going on here. She may have been trying to empower you by letting you know that she felt you had good judgment. Or it’s also possible that she believed that you had trust issues and this was her therapeutic approach to dealing with it. She could have also thought that you were being manipulative and she did not want to play into that. And there’s the possibility, which she might have considered that the information would be damaging to you, as you could overreact. 

We’ll just never know what the answer is but there are many possibilities. And yes, even when I’m being rational, I still will state that it’s possible that she’s just a piss poor therapist. 

You should always be allowed access to your information. So yeah, fuck her.

xo Judge Mental Jones

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