What Does A Sociopathic Narcissist Look For When Dating

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I’m so fucking angry right now!!! I had an article sent to me by a friend of mine, and she told me, according to her sources, that it was written by my ex-girlfriend and now I’m triggered the fuck out and want to hurt anything in my path. The piece of shit wrote an article about ‘What A Sociopathic Narcissist Looks For When Dating’ and now I can’t think straight. I bet she thinks she’s so cool that she’s admitting it out loud too! Like she’s getting away with murder right in front of my dead body, yet I’m still alive which makes it that much worse. Here’s the reprint of it so you can understand what kind of emotional pain that I’m dealing with right now. UGHHHH!!

My name is Jamie, and I am a sociopathic narcissist. No, Jamie isn’t my real name, and I also do not reveal my sociopathic tendencies in my dating life for obvious reasons, as I don’t want to scare anyone away before they get to know the real me.

Before I get into what kind of characteristics I look for in a partner, let me just preface this whole article by letting you know that I have needs just like a regular person, and I do have feelings as well, they’re just more focused on me. Also, I cannot speak for other sociopathic narcissists, but I am self-aware about who and what I am, which in a way gives me more control over my actions, and in my opinion, makes me less of a wildcard than a sociopathic narcissist that has no control. In a sense, I’m like a vampire that lives off human blood, but instead of attacking my victims from behind, I let them come to me.

I’m not a hunter per se, as I prefer to meet my potential partners in a natural setting, not a meat market type bar. My main spot is the gym as I like to kill two birds with one stone. While I’m getting my body into the best shape possible, I’m also showing off how great I look to potential suitors. I do mind my own business while at the gym, but out of my peripheral, I can tell who is checking me out. And of those folks, I have a bit of a sixth sense when it comes to judging self-esteem by how someone works out. If my potential partner seems unsure about who may be watching their routine, or are lacking in technique when applying certain exercises, then to me, there is the possibility that that person has low self-worth, and low self-worth is very attractive to me. I like low self-worth because it’s easy to help build the person up and be their champion. I’m able to be their best friend, confidant and number one support system very quickly. Once my new companion thinks I can do no wrong and has told everyone how amazing I am, I then feel quite comfortable to start being the taker and not just the giver. It’s a slow process that I call grooming. And after the grooming takes place, I can then do pretty much whatever I want to do, and all will be forgiven due to my partner’s low self-esteem. I won’t go into details on what those things are, as I’ll just let your imagination run wild so you can vilify me in whatever way you choose.

Another trait that I look for in a partner is empathy. When going through the ups and downs after the initial grooming/honeymoon phase, it’s easier to manipulate someone if they have empathy. Creating excuses of ‘why I did something wrong’ based on how I was raised goes a long way if my partner can empathize with my story and I’ll easily be forgiven for whatever transgression may have occurred.

And the third thing I look for in a partner is codependence. Even though it may seem contradictory, it’s much easier for me to just live my life freely by having my partner be codependent. It means I’ll always be able to do what I want to do without any consequences. I give my codependent partner the illusion of freedom by always saying ‘the door is over there’ and most often they choose to stay because they’ve become dependent on the lifestyle they now lead, or they feel scared that there’s nothing out there that’s better. They’ve most likely grown up in a codependent home, and it’s what they know or feel normal being around, even though deep down they know it’s wrong but can’t do anything to stop how they react to the situation.

After these three traits are found in a partner, I become a pretty happy camper, and the relationship will last as long as it can, which means until my partner has grown a backbone, or if they become too needy and I can’t take their incessant complaints anymore. If the latter happens, I will most likely begin to groom a new partner through empathy as I tell lies about how my current partner is improperly treating me, and then when I’m ready to pull the old switcharoo, I’ll make my new partner feel like a million bucks, while the old one is left wondering if they’ve gone crazy as the rug was just pulled from under them. 

Love me or hate me, I’m a real person with wants and needs, just like you.

Yeah, well I’m a real person and I want you dead, and I need to kill you right now……… Somebody stop me before the cops are involved…….. FUCK!……… I’m gonna go play Fortnite and try to calm down.

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