What is Massive Phobia?

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Massive Phobia is a community of people dedicated to providing a safe space for anyone looking to challenge their current belief system. By using art and humor, we hope to be the friend that ‘Gets You’ as you battle Mental Health, Addiction, and Life. Through our blogs, and your own shared creations, the Massive Phobia community sees itself as a stepping stone to help others reach out for the help they need.

We’ve had many people ask us why we’re using humor/art to tackle sensitive issues such as mental health/addiction and it’s because we think laughter is the best medicine. Our site isn’t for everybody, as many people might be in a place where they aren’t ready to laugh. However, if you’re here and reading something that’s funny and it resonates with you to the point where you might feel less alone, then we feel that we’re doing our job.

Everyone that writes for us battles the issue that they’re writing about. They may be doing it from the perspective of a character they created to tell the story, but it is all very much personal stories as told through their chosen creative outlet.

You might not find everything on this website funny, or maybe nothing on this site will even make you crack a smile, and that’s okay. We’ll always strive to find something new that makes you feel safe here. We consider it an honor and a challenge.

We’re building a community with baby steps, and part of that community involves projects that we want you to participate in as well. The collaborations aren’t about being a good/bad artist in whatever medium you’re participating in; it’s about the therapeutic aspect of what the collaboration entails. The best art comes from being honest. And to us, the idea trumps all.

We’re hoping that our collaborations and contests make you think outside of the box that you’re currently in and that it propels you to seek the help you need if you haven’t yet done so. And for those that are already seeking help for your issues, and maybe stuck or at a plateau in your progress, we hope that you begin to see things from different angles which can push you out of the rut you may be stuck in.

Most of all, we’re happy you’re here, and we can’t wait to make more quirky things for you, and we can’t wait to see what you make too.

We’re grateful for all of you that make us a part of your lives.


Team Massive Phobia

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