What Is The Fuckening?

Posted by Edward Ernest | Oct 4, 2018 | Self Esteem | 0 |

According to the Urban Dictionary, The Fuckening is defined as ‘when your day is going too well, and you don’t trust it, and some shit finally goes down.’ For many of you out there, this pain is an all too familiar part of your life. And you’re probably always saying ‘why me?’ or ‘why does this always happen?’ and we at Massive Phobia wanted to try and answer that difficult question for you.

First off, negative things can happen to positive people, and positive things can happen to negative people. However, negativity does attract negative situations. Negative thoughts are caused by ingrained patterns related to our own beliefs: about self-esteem, security, money, people, life, and everything else. For instance, you may have thought at some point that life is difficult. Then, whenever you felt that life was being difficult, your thought was reinforced and grew on to being a belief.

One of the many effects of harboring negative beliefs is closing oneself down to possibilities and the flow of abundance. When we are in a negative state we do not attract those elements that would make our lives advance; instead, we invite the circumstances that support us in thinking something is wrong, thus The Fuckening. Simply put, when we stay thinking negative, we attract negative emotions and The Fuckening. Therefore when one is in a negative state everything seems to go wrong, and you believe that The Fuckening is part of your life for good.

However, you can lessen the effects of The Fuckening by switching to positive thoughts. It’s not as easy as it sounds because it will take years and years of practice to reprogram your ingrained negative thoughts. It will take baby steps of positive thoughts to replace your old belief system. It may seem like a daunting task, but if you don’t want The Fuckening to destroy your life any longer, it’s a road you’ll be happy you went down once you start seeing more positivity and less Fuckening.

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