It’s Been a Whole Year of Change and I’m Still the Same

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Hey Everyone! It’s me! Ellis! I know you haven’t heard from me in awhile and that’s because I hit a bit of a crummy patch and was just chasing myself in circles over and over and over again. Chasing my tail is the worst because pretty much my crummy body is a perfect circle so the inertia of my spinning just takes over and it’s like a never-ending spin of dreidel, and I hope all of my Jewish friends out there enjoyed that reference as much as I did saying it.

I worked so hard this year to change many of my crum-bum habits. I wanted to eat less candy especially chocolate, and I also didn’t want to react to people when I get really angry, and boy can I get really angry sometimes, and I don’t even though if I’m getting worked up over nothing which is why it’s a bad habit. Do you have any habits like that? Ones where you react, but you don’t know if you’re making a big spoon out of a teaspoon?

I guess as for the whole red circle of a being that I am, my year has been about trying to be in the moment and never quitting, as before I was always daydreaming about things like how someone was gonna wrong me and stuff like that. I guess towards the end of the year I lost sight of the changes I’ve been making and was only thinking about what was going wrong in my head at that time. Sometimes my reality gets warped and then I feel shame and guilt about it. Does that ever happen to you? Well, it really sucks Gobstoppers I tell ya.

And in my sucking Gobstoppers phase of my crummy downward spiral, my trusty old friend who is not old at all, Laurel Leaside, listened to everything I had to say and then reminded me of some of 5 of my many wins I had this year.

1. Getting upset when no one shared my blog posts on Facebook but not quitting and learning why they didn’t click so I could be way better next time.

2. Asking for a raise and not feeling guilty about it because I’m smart and I deserve it.

3. Stopped wondering why my crush(that’s a secret and I can’t tell you who it is) didn’t always want to hang out but instead I began to be more independent instead of co-dependent.

4. I noticed that I bite the inside of my cheek when I get really nervous and I start to think crummy bad things but now I notice right away and try to stay in the moment. It’s not easy but I try.

5. I stuck to exercising and for the most part didn’t quit, even though I had some rough patches sometimes. But it makes me feel better when I start to feel more crummy for no reason sometimes.

Laurel is the best, and that made me feel lots better about myself. Even though I don’t feel different from the beginning of the year because of my mini-crumbum blowup, however when I look back, my year was really full of hopscotch jumps and rainbows. Sometimes I got thrown back; I found the rainbow at the end of my rainshower and then I picked myself up and tried to be a better me again. And that’s the big difference I guess. When bad things happen, this Ellis doesn’t quit anymore. And that’s the Ellis I want to be.

I know I’ll have a less crummy 2018 now and I hope you have one too cause I heard 2017 was a real crum-bum year for lots of you.

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