My Wife Thinks I’m An Alcoholic And I Think She’s A Hypocrite

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Dear Judge Mental Jones,

I’ve been stressed out at work lately. When I come home, I’ve been having a few cold brews to decompress. My wife has been telling me that I’m an alcoholic because I seem to “need a drink” when I get home. The funny thing is that she smokes weed every night and doesn’t seem to see it as the same thing. She wants me to take time out of my already rammed schedule to attend Alcoholics Anonymous and seek rehab. I don’t think we’re there!! This repetitive argument is making me crazy, and now she’s even threatened to involve my parents. She’s already told her family too.

Dear My Wife Is A Hypocrite And I May Be An Alcoholic,

When you say that you’re drinking a few beers, does that mean three? Or are you one of those people that answers a few and it’s really six? Obviously, your wife is concerned, and because of that concern, maybe you should take a good hard look in the mirror and not scoff at what she’s saying. She may be right. However, before I assume she’s right, let me unleash on her for being a hypocrite.

I hate hypocrites with a passion, and your wife sounds like a giant one. Smoking marijuana/weed/ganja/reefer every night is just like drinking. She’s using a substance to ease her pain, and it’s an addiction issue just like alcohol. So if you have a problem with your alcohol, then she has an issue with her Mary Jane. If you need to seek help, then she should too. Maybe it isn’t a problem for her like she thinks your drinking is, but she should join you as a way to encourage you to help fight your addiction.

Now, in my opinion, both of you lack communication skills which have led you down this road to where family members know and are being involved. I think it’s in your best interest to work together and that starts with learning how to talk to each other in a healthy way. If this can happen, then I think you’ll both be better off to help fight your issues together.

Good luck with everything.

xo Judge Mental Jones

P.S. I can’t believe I was so calm and tactful while writing this whole thing. When annoying families get involved I just want to rip their heads off usually. Especially mother-in-laws.

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