Will MDMA Be A Breakthrough Therapy For PTSD?

Posted by Edward Ernest | May 11, 2018 | News, PTSD, Real News | 0 |

As hard it is for me to fathom that MDMA has been in clinical trials over the past few years to help treat PTSD, it also makes a lot of sense when thinking back on my own past experiences using the “Schedule 1” drug.

So what is MDMA? Originally, MDMA was created by Merck in 1912 with the intention of being used to help blood clot. However, it didn’t work, and the result was its current form which gave the user a sense of euphoria. Merck shelved the project, but the illegal form found it’s way out of the lab somehow and it became popular as a recreational drug in the 1970s and beyond. In 1985, MDMA was labeled “Schedule 1,” meaning no accepted medical use and high potential for abuse by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.

Fast forward to today and scientists have been clamoring that their combination of using MDMA while in conjunction with active therapy has provided significant results in helping those who battle PTSD to lessen their symptoms and to lead normal every day lives.

In my opinion, it would still be a hard sell for the American Government to agree to eventually legalize MDMA in prescription form, as the amount of abuse that could take place would be high. However, based on my own experiences, I do think MDMA would help many people, as long as the drug companies have worked out the kinks.

The first time I ever used MDMA, I was on cloud nine, and I never wanted it to end. I began to think of my past and certain people that I had poor relationships with. I was able to see through the first level of the relationship and dive deeper. I just didn’t see my end of the story, but I began to see theirs as well. For the first time, I was able to put myself in someone else’s shoes, and I began to understand why they did the things they did, and I began to empathize more. My hard feelings slowly started disappearing, and it was freeing. However, there were also downsides and those things need to be addressed too.

All of the euphoria and empathy was fantastic, but when it was over, I wanted to do it again. And when you do it again, it’s good, but not as good as the first time. All of a sudden, it seems like you’re chasing a dragon that you’ll never reach again. Also, MDMA increases your Serotonin level, so when it’s done, you have little in your reserves. Thus, for the days after, you are feeling depressed and it may be a depression you’ve never felt before, and it’s quite scary. At one point, I was in a state of spontaneous crying for a whole week.

Did I take too much? Most likely. Was I getting these drugs from someone who cooked in a home lab and wasn’t a real doctor? Yes. However, the depression effect is still something that needs to be addressed. It would be terrible if you were trading one mental health issue for another, but I would hope that the real pharmaceutical version would do a better job of limiting the depression after effect in comparison to the street version.

If Big Pharma does take a step in the right direction and produces a better version of MDMA, combined with therapy, then I would be on board with its legalization. Just based on my own experience and the benefits, I received from the unregulated version, this new type of therapy wouldn’t just be able to help those battling PTSD, but also those with many other mental health issues too.

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