Windsor Man Who Spreads Positivity To Mental Health Patients, Arrested For Confusion

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While on a smoke break and using kind words towards the Seymor Regional Hospital’s mental health patients, Windsor resident, Dave Foley, was falsely arrested by local authorities due to the overwhelming suspicion ‘that he must be up to no good.’

Many of the mental health patients at the Seymour Regional Hospital became quite paranoid when, Foley, created an open discussion about their mental health issues without offending anyone in the process. All of the patients were so accustomed to their friends and family making things worse by talking, that they were all thrown for a loop by this charming, svelte, Albert Einstein-ish looking man.

Mary Fergus, who battles Bipolar Disorder, was very suspicious of the gentle talking Foley and was the first one to call the police. “I’ve been so used to people telling me to ‘Stop Acting Crazy’, or telling me to calm down or not to worry about things or to just to sleep it off, that I didn’t know what this guy’s angle was. But I knew he had to be up to something because no one has ever talked to me without offending me before. So I had to call the police before I got hoodwinked for my extra smokes or something, even though I didn’t know how he was going to do it yet.”

When police arrived on the scene, Foley was being yelled at by the group of mental health patients and was refusing to leave the hospital premises. The arresting officer, Constable Ron, also stated that Foley refused to leave at his request as well, and that’s when he put him under arrest. “Dave Foley refused to leave the premises after many of the hospital residents asked him to leave because they were afraid that he’d steal their smokes, while one guy was scared that he’d steal his Vitamin Water. Foley told me that he just wanted to go back inside so he could wait for his friend to get out of surgery. And since he couldn’t prove that his friend was his friend, I arrested him for trespassing to the delight of the crowd.”

Once he was booked, Foley called his lawyer to deal with the mixup, and he was released several minutes later due to the use of mild lawsuit threats against the Windsor Police Department. When we caught up with Foley outside his home, he didn’t seem too upset about the events that transpired earlier that day and hoped to reconcile with the patients upon his return to his friend’s bedside. “I always talk to people how I like to be talked to, you see. I just thought I was showing them respect, but I guess, maybe it was too nice, and then it kinda came off insincere to some. You know? That happens sometimes, and I get the confusion that went on because of it. Hopefully, I don’t trigger anyone when I go on my next smoke break, so maybe I’ll throw in a line about not being sure if one of them took their meds today or something like that, just to make sure this doesn’t happen again.”

All charges against Dave Foley have since been dropped, and all of the mental health patients that accused him of premeditated cigarette and Vitamin Water theft, have all joined a new hospital self-help group called “The Benefit of The Doubt Club.”

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