Woman Plans To Avoid Anxiety By No Showing Thanksgiving Dinner

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On November 22nd, Tina Evans, who battles depression and post-traumatic stress disorder, called her brother Robert in Fort Lauderdale, and informed him that she would not be attending their families Thanksgiving Dinner at his home. Citing numerous anxiety related issues for her future absence.

“I mean, there are tons of reasons I’m not going to the dinner. The first being that I’m a 37-year-old single woman who doesn’t like everyone constantly telling me that I need a man in my life and that it’s okay if I’m gay. It agitates me to hell, and that’s not good for me as I battle PTSD every day. Also, out of all my siblings and my parents, I’m the only one that has a decent job, and they’re always hitting me up for money. It makes me feel like the wishbone at the end of the turkey dinner, and they’re all trying to rip me apart for whatever cash they can get. AND, they’re all Trump supporters. I could have started off with that one but it’s kinda like the cherry on top of this one, so I’m not going, and I don’t care if that offends everyone. Sometimes you’ve just gotta take care of you. AND I guarantee that my brother told my mom a completely different version of the story than what I told him, which is why I record all my conversations with him as he’s a lifelong liar.”

Tina’s self preservation technique was not well received by any members of her family and on behalf of all of them, their mother Shelley was elected designated spokesperson.

“Tina won’t answer my calls or texts, but according to her darling brother, who only loves her from the bottom of his heart and is the sweetest boy ever, Tina called us all drug users and the spawn of Satan. She full well knows that none of us use drugs and I was even part of the ‘Just Say No’ Campaign in 1985. I think those Liberal friends she hangs out with put all these awful thoughts in her head about us. How can we be Satanists if no one in this family even likes horror films? Can you tell me that? I think if she were to just meet the right guy, everything would change.”

It seems Tina Evans isn’t the only woman who is boycotting her families Thanksgiving Dinner, according to therapist Donna Merit, who specializes in counseling single women over the age of 30 years old with high paying careers.

“All of my over 30 single female clients with high incomes and Trump loving families are avoiding Thanksgiving, and most likely all family get-togethers as a whole. It just causes them too much anxiety and I back them up 100% with empathy. It’s just a tsunami of life events and when a tsunami alarm is sounded, you just don’t stand around to be swept up in the wave. YOU RUN!”

And running is what Tina Evans plans to do, all the way until her family accepts her for who she is, a well paid single woman over 30 who doesn’t need a man in her life to make her whole. Right on Tina Evans, right on indeed.

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